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Epson WorkForce DS-30


Product Review


Epson America, Inc. is the U.S. affiliate of Japan-based Seiko Epson Corporation. The company offers a range of image capture and output products for consumer, photographic, business, and graphic arts. It is also a leading supplier of value-add point of sale printers and transactional terminals for retail. The company recently introduced a travel-size document scanner that caters to small- and medium-sized business.


The WorkForce DS-30 portable color document scanner is an easy to carry, lightweight option for scanning an assortment of business documents. Cloud technology allows access to archived material from anywhere.


Hands On

The WorkForce DS-30 is easy to grip in one hand and comes with a carrying bag, calibration and cleaning sheets, USB cable, install CD, and setup guide.


With a simple feeding system and one button on the scanner, no guesswork is involved. The device is powered by a high-speed USB that connects to a PC or a Mac, though users can only scan to the cloud from a PC.


With a resolution of 600 dpi, scanned images appear clear and the process is efficient at 4.6 pages per minute. Additional features include automatic size detection, text enhancement, image skew correction, and color enhancement/color dropout. Users also have the ability to highlight text and cut and drop it into another place from converted documents.


The scanner accepts various media types such as rigid cards, business cards, credit cards, and paper as large as 8.5x14 inches.


The DS-30 offers versatility, allowing users to save to a document folder on the computer, email attachments directly to an FTP site, or to the cloud.


Epson’s specialty One Touch Software helps automate the process by scanning and automatically uploading scanned documents directly to the cloud. In addition, placing material on Microsoft SharePoint, Google docs, and Evernote allows shared collaboration and access from multiple locations between many people.


The DS-30 is currently the only portable scanner on the market with cloud technology and the TWAIN interface. TWAIN automates the process so users do not have to reconfigure documents for compatibility.


The DS-30 is ideal for verticals such as healthcare where nurses can take the scanner to patients who are not physically able to stand at the reception desk. Real estate agents and sales personnel can instantly transfer important time sensitive documents such as offer letters, loan information, contracts, and even business cards. It’s also ideal for logistics—a shipper can scan proof of delivery immediately, speeding up the payment process.



The DS-30 is a sheet-fed, simplex A4 color scanner offering up to 600 dpi. The maximum scan area is 8.5x14 inches. The device measures 10.86x1.9 x1.45 inches and weighs 0.7 pounds. It is compatible with Macs and PCs and uses a USB 2.0 interface and power supply.



Epson’s portable scanner presents an easy, low-budget option. It is useful for a number of tasks including scanning invoices in the mailroom and routing to accounts payable. Human resources can scan resumes and forms, saving the files in a central location and sharing the information with anyone who needs access to it. It also comes in handy for those in the field who need to redirect forms.


Document scanners capture information and place it into a workflow, helping to assist with overall productivity. With the DS-30 users easily scan bills, invoices, and more for paperless organization. Archiving the information in a digital storage location frees up physical space in small offices.


Sep2012, Business TechEdge

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